Gymnasts at State Clubs

Classes & Programs

Our programs cater to all ages and abilities – from beginners right through to our competitive gymnasts. Classes follow a 10-13 week term (see WDYC Calendar for more term information) with classes running through the school holidays.

Nurture Program (From Walking Age to 5 years old)

 The Nurture program promotes the development of the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment, indoors. Learning through play in a stimulating, non-competitive environment assists children to develop to their full potential in readiness for kindergarten, school and sports.

Parents/carers play a pivotal role in a child’s experience at our Kinder program as they get to share the child’s fun and achievements                         and support them as they learn through play. While we encourage our Kinder Fun classes to become independent, we would like                                 Parent/carer to be close by if assistance is needed as some weeks our circuits may need more assistance than other weeks.

Classes are offered Monday – Saturday.

Develop Program (School Aged)

Our Recreational Program is split into different classes based on both age and ability. We offer a variety of class types for both boys & girls, catering to all ages and abilities with classes offered Monday – Saturday.

Excel Program (By Selection)

For those gymnasts that have moved through our recreational program and may be interested in further developing their skills. This program has the potential to move into a competitive program in the future. Entry into our Excel program is by Team Leaders selection. This program consists of multiple training session per week and caters for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics levels 1-3. Classes are offered Monday – Saturday.

Lead Program (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics & Acrobatics Gymnastics) (By Selection)

Competitive gymnastics/acrobatics and squad training is for those athletes committing to gymnastics as their number one sport. Gymnasts are selected by our Team Leaders to join our WAG or ACRO levels based on ability. Gymnasts at this level are required to attend all scheduled training hours each week and compete as outlined by our coaching team. Our squad program caters to gymnasts from WAG Level 4+ and ACRO Level 1-10 under the relevant Australian National Levels program.