Policies & Fees



New Members




WDYC offers free trial lessons in all our classes. After your child has trialled, you will be sent an invoice. If you do not wish to continue, please reply and we will remove your invoice.








Current Members




You will be invoiced your Membership invoice in December for the following year. This is due prior to classes starting in January. Your child will not be able to attend classes unless the membership invoice has been paid.




Term fees are invoiced at the end of the previous term. These are due prior to the first week of the term. We do offer payment plans which need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the term ending. If you would like to go on a payment plan please contact the office.








Partial Payments and Payment plans




If you are on a payment plan or if you make partial payment the payment will be applied to the oldest invoice first. All payment plans must be completed 2 weeks prior to the term ending. If you have not completed payments for the term your child will not be enrolled into the next terms classes until payment is received.








Equipment Levy




Each term WDYC will apply a $25 equipment levy to all term fee invoices. This levy helps cover the cost of minor equipment purchases like mats, beat boards, supplementary equipment and chalk as well as assisting in Venue maintenance and upkeep.








Family Discount




All Participants must pay Full affiliation, Uniform and Competition fees. Below is the discounts to be applied to multiple children on their term fees only. All Discounts are applied from higher priced to lower priced program regardless of age. Fees are calculated at the start of each term, once calculated any changes to membership or hours will be adjusted at the start of the next term.








Recreational Programs




  • 1st Child- Full Fees
  • 2nd Child- Full Fees
  • 3rd Child- 15% Discount
  • 4th Child 30% Discount
  • 5th Child 50% Discount








Competitive Programs




  • 1st Child- Full Fees
  • 2nd Child- 10% Discount
  • 3rd Child- 20% Discount
  • 4th Child- 35% Discount




Any Family with Children in competitive programs and recreational programs will receive the discount based on the competitive program discount.








Family Holiday Policy




To allow us to timetable staff and offer classes for all members terms must be paid in full and your child’s space in the class is secured for the entire term.
If you are going on holiday for part of the term we can put your account on hold for a Minimum of 2 weeks at one time and a Maximum of 4 weeks during the year. This must be approved by management prior to the term starting. If you wish to request this please email sam@wdgymnastics.com.au








Sickness & Make-up Policy




If your child is unwell or you are unable to attend a session we do offer Make-up lessons for our Recreational Programs only. This is dependant on spaces available. If you are unable to attend a session please contact the office prior to the class and we will organise a make-up session. If there is no availabilities at this time we will put the make-up on your account to be used during the term. Make-ups can also be used for our Holiday Programs. Make-ups must be organised prior to the missed class via phone or email. Due to the nature of our Competitive Programs we cannot offer make-ups or refunds for missed lessons in our Competitive Programs.








Injury Policy




If your child is injured during class then we will put your account on hold and secure their space in the class indefinitely until they return to gym. If your child is injured outside of the gym we will follow the same procedures as long as we have a medical certificate for them. This can be done retroactively.








Graduation and Term Rollover Policy




At the end of each term we email all members who have graduated out of their current class to move them to a more advanced class. At the end of each year we email all members who are now age eligible for a different class to move them. All other members are rolled over to their current classes unless due to staffing or space requirements we need to move class days or times.
If you are not returning next term please let the office know as soon as you can as there may be people on the waitlist for your child’s spot in that class.








Internal Event Policy




During the year we hold 2 main internal events, Winter and Celebration Carnival. All eligible children will be invited and invoiced for the event. If you would like to attend the event payment is required prior to the closing date. If you would like to be removed from the event please contact the office, any unpaid entries will removed from the event after the closing date. A draft schedule is sent out with the invite but is subject to change dependant on entries. A confirmed schedule will be sent out at least 1 week prior to the event.








External Event Policy




There are many external events which WDYC participates in during the year. Gymnasts will be invited to these events dependant on their eligibility. All invoices must be paid prior to the WDYC closing date which is 1 week before the official event closing date (normally 4-6 weeks before the event). Any unpaid entries after this time will not be entered into the event.




Schedules for these event are not normally released until after entries have been accepted meaning we will not know which day or time for most events until 1-2 weeks prior to the event. As soon as we have received the schedule we will send out this information.




Any gymnasts who withdraws from the event for any reason besides medical will forfeit their entry fee.




Medical withdrawals need to be completed within 24 hours of the event with medical certificate so we can send through to the organisers. Normally competition organisers will refund 80% of the entry fee for medical withdrawals this will be credited to the gymnasts account unless a refund is requested by the parent complete with Bank Details.







Competition Replaces Training




In the event of the athletes attending an outside competition at which WDYC provide coaches and or Judges, WDYC will use the event as a replacement for a regular training session. Notification of the sessions being replaced will be provided to the parents of the athlete in the week leading to the competition to minimise confusion when there is multiple weeks of competition in a row.










Refunds/Make-ups for the missed session will only be made in the event that an athletes session is cancelled and they are not attending the competition or WDYC cancel more than one session (Particularly Morning sessions) because of the event. For events that run over more than the weekend (State and National Clubs) or have more than 1 round of competition WDYC may change the training schedule for the entire week, in the event of this happening WDYC will give as much notice as possible. 




If your daughter is not attending the event and we are able to offer the normal training session and she will be absent please let us know so we can take this into consideration for staffing.










Fees for 2024




Fees are updated and approved by the committee. Please contact us for our current prices. Members can attend more than 1 class per week please contact the office for these fees. Please contact the office for all Competitive programs costs.

Membership fees are reduced during the year. Please see the below table for the amount paid dependant on when your child joins the program. This fee is ONLY PAID ONCE per year.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Western Districts Membership

$80.00 $60.00 $40.00 $20.00
Kinder School Aged Competitive
Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia Membership $22.50 $30 $86