The holiday program for the Summer Holidays will run at our BARDON venue (Purtell Park). 

The program will be open to all children attending primary school (11 years and younger). Kids attending Prep in 2024 are also welcome to attend.

We will be running gymnastics activities (circuits, free g, acro), games, movies and art/crafts.

The program will run for the following dates in December:

Week 1

Monday 11th December
Tuesday 12th December
Wednesday 13th December
Thursday 14th December
Friday 15th December
Week 2
Monday 18th December
Tuesday 19th December
Wednesday 20th December
Thursday 21st December

Friday 22nd December

The program will run for the following dates in January:
Week 1
Tuesday 2nd January
Wednesday 3rd January
Thursday 4th January
Friday 5th January
Week 2
Monday 8th January
Tuesday 9th January
Wednesday 10th January
Thursday 11th January
Friday 12th January
Week 3
Monday 15th January
Tuesday 16th January
Wednesday 17th January
Thursday 18th January
Friday 19th January

Half day cost: $45 (9am-12pm)
Full day cost: $70 (9am-3pm)

Book in now!

If you have any questions, please email