Lead Program

Our Lead Program is made up of two competitive programs. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics & Acrobatic Gymnastics. Competitive Gymnastics is for those athletes committing to gymnastics as their number one sport. Gymnasts are selected by our Team Leaders to join our WAG or Acrobatic levels based on ability.

Gymnasts at this level are required to attend all scheduled training hours per week and compete as outlined by our coaching team. Our squad program caters to gymnasts from WAG Level 3 through to Level 10, and ACR Level 1 through to 10, under the Australian National Levels program.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Squads by selection only / ranges from 4 – 20 hours per week)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is an incredibly challenging sport, demanding strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. When these elements are mastered, the performances appear almost effortless and are riveting to watch. Women’s artistic gymnastics includes four apparatus; the vaulting table, the uneven bars, the beam, and the floor.

Our Artistic Gymnastics squad program has a strong focus on developing physical strength and flexibility, positive attitudes and detailed technique, all while embodying our club motto of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.

Squad groups vary in weekly commitment, the further gymnasts progress through the levels the greater the training hours. Gymnasts selected into the competitive program have the opportunity of competing at events throughout the year at Regional, State and National level. Gymnasts may also have the opportunity of travelling as a team to regional and interstate events.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Squads by selection only / ranges from 5 – 14 hours per week)

Acrobatic Gymnastics combines a number of gymnastics elements and skills into a fun, team-based environment, providing a great platform for building balance, co-ordination, strength and teamwork. Acrobatic Gymnastics is open to both males and females and combines thrilling skills and with artistic dance routines. There are currently five disciplines in Acrobatic Gymnastics; Women’s Pair (female base, female top), Women’s Trio (two female bases, female top), Mixed Pair (male base, female top), Men’s Pair (male base, male top) & Men’s Group (four males).  Tops, or flyers, are generally younger athletes that display flexibility and agility. Bases are required to show a combination of all attributes, with strength as a focus. There is often a 5+ year age gap between a top and their base.

There are three different routines competed in Acrobatics Gymnastics. The balance routines consists of skills requiring static holds and pyramids. The dynamic routine consists of skills that show flight, demonstrating a variety of throws, catches, somersaults and twists. The combined routine consists of a combination of both balance and dynamic elements, however only groups in ALP Level 8 and above perform a combined routine at competitions. The only apparatus used in Acrobatic Gymnastics is the floor.

We follow both the Queensland Stages Program & Australian Levels Program at WDYC. A Development Acro class is also on offer at the club for ages 5+. This is a non-competitive class for those athletes looking for an introduction to the sport, however not wishing to be competitive just yet. It is also the class the athletes awaiting partners attend. Once athletes have a confirmed group they then move into our Squads.

Gymnasts selected into the competitive program have the opportunity of competing at events throughout the year at Regional, State and National level. Gymnasts may also have the opportunity to represent Queensland at the National Championships from Level 6+. Training hours are based on Level with our Level 1-3 Program training 5-6 hours per week, our Level 4-6 Program training 10-11 hours per week and Level 7-10 training 14 hours per week.

Our Acrobatic Gymnastics Program takes new enrolments year round!