Nurture Program

Our KinderGym program is both aged-based and ability-based designed specifically with our youngest gymnasts and their parents in mind. KinderGym is a great development program that you can enjoy experiencing with your child!

We offer classes Monday – Friday mornings with our KinderGym coaching team and a free trial is available for new members to come along a test out a class before signing up for the 10-week term.

By introducing gymnastics in the early years, we aim to help each child discover the joy of physical activity and develop their self-esteem by accomplishing the age-appropriate tasks offered. Parents or caregivers accompany the children on the floor, offering physical and emotional support and guidance. The program incorporates floor, bars, beam and vault circuits in a fun and safe environment. The aim of this program is to develop children’s perceptual motor skills, social awareness, balance, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills as well as their social, emotional and language development skills.

KinderTots (45min class / Walking to 3 years of age)

KinderTots is designed for children that are walking through to 3 years of age. Parent participation is required at this level so you can experience the fun of gymnastics with your little one! KinderTots is designed to encourage children to develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically in a safe and exciting environment.

KinderKids (60min class / 3-4 years of age)

KinderKids is a circuit-based program that develops strength, coordination, flexibility, motor skills and confidence which are all essential for a child’s holistic development. This age based program progresses skills each week and includes balancing, rolling, bouncing, swinging and twisting in a safe and fun environment, lead by our qualified coaching team. Theme weeks are included each term – adding variety and fun to all involved!

KinderFun (60min class / 4+ years of age – attending prep next year)

KinderFun is an extension of our KinderKids program for those that have previously participated in the KinderKids program. Our KinderFun children are often at an age where they want to assert their independence but also want to know that their parent/caregiver is not far away. In this one-hour weekly class parents are required to be on hand should their child need them, but do not need to take part in the class otherwise. KinderFun classes encourage the children to be active listeners and learners on their own. The slightly more structured environment fosters the children’s ability to take directions from the coach whilst still provide an opportunity for children to grow, share, take turns, set goals and take risks within a fun and safe environment. Children develop at their own level with new successes and achievements every week within a learn through play based program.