Develop Program – Gym Fit

Gym Fit (Recreational 90min class, ages 10+)

Our Gym Fit class is open to both young men and women and caters all ability levels. The program takes a self directed approach and athletes are able to take their own path to achieve new skills of their choosing. Athletes have the opportunity to work on traditional gymnastics apparatus as well as try trampoline and freestyle/tricking skills. Gym Fit focuses on the fitness and social benefits of gymnastics and will encourage the setting of personal goals. Some common skills that can be achieved in this class are a handstand, flips (fwd/bwd), a back handspring, and pullover on bars. This is a great opportunity to learn these skills in a safe environment.

Monday 6.30-8.00
Tuesday 6.30-8.00
Wednesday 6.30-8.00
Thursday 6.30-8.00

Tuesday 6:00-7:30
Thursday 6:00-7:30

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